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Conan O’Brien Offers a Senior’s Guide to Texting
Thanks to Team Coco for giving this educational guide to texting for seniors to the world. But you might not want to let your grandparents see it. Unless you want them to have constant, instant access to making you feel bad in that special grandparent way, that is...
Arsenio Hall Returning to Late-Night TV
The official re-launch of Arsenio Hall is under way, with his recent appearance and crowning on the latest version of 'Celebrity Apprentice' his popularity is in places it hasn't been since "Coming to America", so why not try to capitalize on that by returning to late-night TV, and it's now officially happening!
Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks to Conan About Vajazzling [VIDEO + POLL]
Jennifer Love Hewitt was on with Conan O'Brien last  night and the topic of Vajazzling came up, for those of you who don't know what that is, the official website defines it as "the act of applying glitter and jewels to a woman's bikini area for aesthetic purposes". While Conan obviously can't Vajazzle himself, Jennifer was nice enough to show us how Vajazzling works and what it looks li
Conan O’Brien’s TV Studio Listed for Rent on Airbnb [VIDEO]
Are you looking for a cheap and spacious place to stay in sunny Burbank, California from October 10 – 13? If so, Conan O’Brien may have just the place for you. O’Brien recently listed his 25,000 square foot TV studio for rent on Airbnb, a popular online marketplace where home owners can offer up short-term rentals to travelers looking for alternatives to a hotel.
Anne Hathaway Channels Lil Wayne in Paparazzi Rap [VIDEO]
In an appearance on Conan O'Brien's TBS show Conan , actress Anne Hathaway got asked about her frustrations with the Paparazzi. Hathaway has been in sights of the Paparazzi due to her involvement in the upcoming Batman movie, and she revealed during her visit with O'Brien she likes to vent her frustrations through song.
Conan O’Brien Gives Hilarious Commencement Speech at Dartmouth [VIDEO]
Over the weekend, talk-show host Conan O'Brien gave the commencement speech at Dartmouth College. Not surprisingly, the self-deprecating funnyman began his speech by stating how ridiculous it was that "a television talk show host" had been selected to impart wisdom. Even less surprising was that Conan's speech turned out to be really good. He touched on the tough job market and the unf
Top Tweets of the Day: May 16
Check out some of the funniest tweets Twitter has to offer today. Donald Trump found himself the butt of many jokes across the Twitterverse on Monday after announcing he will not run for president in 2010. WARNING: Reading of these tweets may cause coffee to shoot out your nose. We are not responsible for any subsequent damage to your computer.
What Your Favorite Late-Night Talk Show Host Says About You
The battle of late-night television.  It's not very frequent that I actually get a chance to watch because I'm usually asleep by the time it comes on.  But I haven't always been an early riser.  I used to watch Conan O'Brien every night.  Even when I was in high school.  So I'm totally Team Coco.  However, they say that your late-night host preferences can tell a lot about your personality.  So de

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