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New Star Wars Music Video Set To Queen [VIDEO]
I'm an odd person.  I love almost everything.
I enjoy playing sports, singing, fishing, hunting, working out, eating etc.
But, I am also a big geek/nerd.
Occasionally, I come across something on the internet which gives me a schoolgirl type glee.
This video is one of them.
Angry Birds Theme Cover [VIDEO]
I love searching out songs I love covered on Youtube.  Sometimes they suck, sometimes they're better than the original!
(If you haven't seen my Florence + the Machine's, "Dog Days Are Over" blog about covers I love check it out here.)
I couldn't resist sharin…
Amazing Father and Daughter Singing Duo
I really shouldn't watch videos at work that make me cry.  But I do.  I saw this posted on a Facebook page a few times before I actually watched it.  I'm glad I did.  The only thing I regret is that I didn't shut my office door first.  I appreciate that my co-…