South Dakota Pulls 'Don't Jerk and Drive' Campaign
Those in marking and public relations try some interesting things to grab people's attention, including using a little innuendo to get people talking. The South Dakota Department of Public Safety has such a campaign on their hands, and they may have taken things a little too far.
MnDOT to Use New Terms to Describe Winter Road Conditions
The quickly approaching 2014-2015 winter season will see new terms used by the Minnesota Department of Transportation to describe winter driving conditions. The new terms will offer a more descriptive concept of what to expect on winter road than the older, more subjective terms.
What State Hits the Most Deer?
Those of us that live in Minnesota and Wisconsin seem to believe that we are better drivers than others around the country. Beside handling the slick and snowy roads of winter, we have a lot of deer to dodge on the roadway. While it seems like we might live in the two states where the most deer-rela…

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