Open Letter to Drivers on MN Highway 61: Quit Being Jerks
I tend to be a pretty mild-mannered person, including when I'm behind the wheel. I'm not much of one to get road rage, or even get flustered in frustrating driving situations - unless it's really egregious. Well, w no hat I saw multiple times on Highway 61 on a weekend journey up…
South Dakota Pulls 'Don't Jerk and Drive' Campaign
Those in marking and public relations try some interesting things to grab people's attention, including using a little innuendo to get people talking. The South Dakota Department of Public Safety has such a campaign on their hands, and they may have taken things a little too far.
MnDOT to Use New Terms to Describe Winter Road Conditions
The quickly approaching 2014-2015 winter season will see new terms used by the Minnesota Department of Transportation to describe winter driving conditions. The new terms will offer a more descriptive concept of what to expect on winter road than the older, more subjective terms.

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