duluth police

Duluth Owl Picture Goes Viral
Duluth police officer Richard LeDoux got quite the surprise when a barred owl landed on his squad car. He quickly grabbed his his phone to take a pic before it flew away.
'Cop on Top' Fundraiser
In their ongoing support of Special Olympics Minnesota, members of the Duluth Police Department are holding a special fundraising event at the Duluth Dunkin Donuts on Central Entrance.
Be on the Lookout for Fakes
The next time you have a $100 bill in your possession, you might want to double-check to make sure it's real. The Duluth Police Department is receiving reports of an increased number of counterfeit $100 bills in the area that look legitimate, except for a couple telling markings.
Duluth's Autism Awareness Car
If you've seen this unique Duluth Police squad car on the streets or at events around town over the last number of months, you might have wondered the story behind it.
Dangerous Even on a Cool Day
Unfortunately there are tragic stories each summer about pets and children left in vehicles on hot summer days. While there has been a growing awareness about these dangers when outdoor temperatures are hot, it is important to remember that even on cooler days that it can still get dangerously hot in a vehicle.

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