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Minnesota City Council Race Decided on a Coin Toss
The flip of a coin is used to decide a lot of things in life: Who gets the ball first in a football game, where to eat lunch, or even who gets the last candy bar. Elections don't fall into that list, except in this case. The Star Tribune reports a city council race in Albertville, Minnesota remained undecided until yesterday after breaking what was a virtual tie in the voting results...
Photos From Election Night 2012
The 2012 presidential election concluded on Nov. 6, and after clinching 303 electoral votes, President Barack Obama will return to the Oval Office for his second term. After one of the most heated battles in campaign history, President Obama delivered his victory speech in Chicago, Ill., saying, "Tonight you voted for action, not politics as usual ... I am looking forward to reaching out and
Twin Ports Results
With election day behind us, many decisions have been made around the region, state and country. See election results for the greater Duluth and Superior area here.
The Politics of Drinking
The 2012 Election is only a matter of hours away, which means only one thing - an end to all of those aggressive political ads! Well, that and the fact we'll be electing new leaders. Among the decisions we'll be voting on this season is one about who should be the next President of the United States. Whether you've already decided who is getting your vote or you're undecided  one study claims the
Just Days Until the Presidential Election, How Does the Electoral College Work and Why Do Some People Hate it and Some Love it? [VIDEO]
Some are calling this the most important election of our lifetime, whether that is true or not is up for debate, but one thing is for certain, whoever wins will need to get at least 270 electoral college votes before they can move into the White House, what is the electoral college and why do some people think it's good and others say we need to change the system? Find out after the jump. Read Mor
Election Day 2012
Need to register to vote in Minnesota, but missed the 20 day minimum registration window? The State of Minnesota allows voters to register at their polling place on Election Day. Learn what serves as proof of residency and how to register here.
The Final Debate
Tonight in Boca Raton, Florida, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney sat down for their third and final debate before the upcoming election. Bob Schieffer of CBS News was the moderator. The debate's focus was foreign policy. Here are some noteworthy moments from the discussion: This time, like in the first debate, Obama wore a blue tie and Romney a red one...

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