Getting Married? My Favorite Etsy Item of the Day
Have you heard of  It's a great website where you can sell just about anything. It's geared toward those who are crafty and make their own products to sell in their online store.  Think of it as a online craft sale.  I love the description of this item the most...
The Wackiest Piñatas on Etsy
No celebration of Cinco de Mayo is complete without a piñata. After all, what's more entertaining than blindfolded partygoers attacking a sweets-filled papier-mâché figure with a bat? In the gallery above, check out some of the craziest piñatas from craft site Etsy...
Top 10 Angry Birds Products On Etsy
Angry Birds is one of the most popular games out there, so popular look for a cartoon series soon a board game on the way shortly and handful of wonderful products on, here are the top 10.