Sailfish Jumps Aboard Boat [VIDEO]
I love fishing.  Every summer I'm out on the water trying to reel in some form of fish or another.  And while I've always wanted to go deep sea fishing, knowing my luck this would happen.
Eat Like A Scandinavian, With Pickled Trout
People in the Northland pride themselves on their outdoor spirit and maybe catching dinner, instead of buying it at the grocery store. If you have stocked up on trout this summer, here is a great idea with what to do with all that fish....pickle it.
It’s “Take A Kid Fishing” Weekend–Fish For Free!
Minnesotans who have yet to wet a line can do it this weekend without a license while accompanying a child younger than 16, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
The annual Take-A-Kid Fishing weekend is designed to rekindle childhood memories, construct some new ones and create …

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