Girl Pulls Out Tooth Using a Bow & Arrow [VIDEO]
This girl uses a unique method to pull out a loose tooth, a bow and arrow.  With one end of a string tied to her tooth and another tied to the arrow, the girl pulls back, and you can see what happens in the video after the jump.
Heavy Metal Girl Does Her First Music Video
Her name is Juliet and she is an 8 year old headbanger with a love for her fish and her dog.  She even "open(s) up the pit", referring to the heavy metal past time of "moshing", she's not moshing with other fellow moshing kids, but her stuffed animals.
Girls Priceless Reaction to Snot Coming From Boy Next to Her [VIDEO]
This is one of those moments in life that just happened to be captured in the course of filming something else, in this case, a kids singing recital.  The reaction on the face of the little girl after the boy next to her sneezes and launches a huge snot rocket is priceless and a must watch.  Can someone get this boy a Kleenex please?!
Little Girl’s Touching Reaction to Her New Face After Cleft Lip Surgery [VIDEO]
Left untreated, a cleft lip dooms a child to a lifetime of emotional and physical difficulties. It’s a also relatively easy condition to fix, and the organization Operation Smile has made it their mission to provide free surgery to needy children around the world who suffer from cleft lip and other facial deformities. In this heartwarming video you can see a young Brazilian girl’s shocked and over
Girl Laughs Like A Seal [VIDEO]
This video is hilarious, I wonder how long they were planning on this, so she would be right by the seals. Well, at least she seems to have a good sens of humor about it, and the seals seem to be enjoying it too!