Station Staff Game Show Battle
As the "Family Feud" style online game Google Feud hit the web yesterday, I decided to pull the MIX 108 staff into the conference room with the staff of our sister station B105 for a round of game show antics.
11 Hilariously Revealing Search Histories
Where would we be without search engines? With so much info at our fingertips, chances are eliminating a site like Google would make the world implode into confusion. And while our dependence on technology might be a little crazy at times, there is an upside to it all-- search engine histories revea…
Find Out How Old Google Thinks You Are
Good news, bad news. The bad news is that Google has been monitoring all your online activity and is using it for their own personal gain. The good news is at least it's fun to see if they guessed your age, gender and interests correctly. That's pretty good news ... right?

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