What Is It, Really?
Some call it the Ice House, some call it the Cribs, and some even call it "the old building in the water". So what really is this mysterious old building?
WWII Plane Flight Over Duluth
A World War II era C-47 transport plane that was part of the D-Day invasion is spending some time in Duluth this week, giving folks the opportunity to discover the rich history of the plane and learn the powerful history of the war it was built for.
‘Roots’ Remake Miniseries Lined Up at History Channel
An ever sensitive topic though it remains, slavery films in Hollywood have no doubt risen  the last few years in public profile, from '12 Years a Slave' to 'Django Unchained,' and now the trend has reached TV. History will reboot the iconic 'Roots' miniseries as an all-new drama, but who from the original production will have any involvement?
Are You Smarter Than A 60 Year Old? [QUIZ]
I usually don't read many emails that are forwarded to me. Am I the only one? Here's one my mom sent me. Now you can find out if you're smarter than a 60 year old. I played. And apparently I'm not smarter than a 60 year old. But I did know quite a few of them.   So...are you smarter than a 60 year old?
How the City of Proctor Got It’s Name
Did you know that Proctor actually got it's name from a U.S. Representative from Kentucky? James Proctor Knott was not only from Kentucky, a U.S. Representative from Kentucky, but he served as the 29th Governor of Kentucky from 1883 to 1887. So how does a northern Minnesota town get named after a guy from Kentucky?