Duluth MakerSpace Now Open
This past weekend the new Duluth MakerSpace celebrated its opening with an open house on Saturday and Sunday and hundreds of people stopped by to see what it is all about, and I was one of those people.
Turn Your Hobby Into a Job
The job market is tough these days. Many people are coping with sudden layoffs, and others are struggling to find work after completing college or earning a new degree. Skilled professionals could wait months or years to find a job in the field of their expertise.
But if one of these descriptions mat…
Pinterest: My Latest Addiction
Have you found it difficult to look at an old milk jug or a canning jar the same way you used to?  Do you frequently daydream about having a cocktail party so you can try out your amazing new drink recipes?  Has it crossed your mind that you should call in "sick" and conv…