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Swapping Faces
A smartphone app called "Face Swap Live" is taking the internet by storm, allowing users to swap their face with friends or celebrities in real-time using your smartphone's camera. You can either use a photo that you've taken or from a library of celebrity photos, or you …
Pamper Yourself This Season
With preparations for deer hunting heating up in the area, if you're finding yourself feeling deserted while the guys head out to the deer stand, Jeanne and I want to lift your spirits with an awesome prize package!
MIX Staff Get 'Peanutized'
Anticipation is growing for the first major Peanuts feature in years, with Charlie Brown and the gang heading to the big screen on November 6. As part of that excitement, a website called Peanutize Me is giving people the chance to make their own character. We decided to do it too!
Jeanne Sings!
During a morning show discussion about 20-year old cheese a Wisconsin cheese maker is selling for over $200 per pound, Jeanne broke out into song. The song about a "hankerin' for a hunka of cheese" comes from the classic ABC Schoolhouse Rock cartoons.
Chocolate Debate
During this morning's show, Jeanne was flabbergasted by the fact that I like plain dark chocolate, saying it's too bitter for her taste. She followed that up by saying she was willing to bet there were very few people that actually preferred dark chocolate. We asked our Facebook fans what …
Find Cooper, Win Tickets!
While I was rummaging around in our boss's desk this morning looking for the pen he "borrowed" from me, I found something awesome! No, it isn't the stash of Taylor Swift merch he has, it was an extra pair of tickets to this Saturday's Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias sho…
Epic MIX 108 Animal Dance-Off
As promised, a showdown between MIX 108 creatures Horse Man and Captain Red Bear has taken place. Watch the video, and vote for your favorite! Polls will be open until Sunday night (August 3) at midnight. We will announce a winner on Monday morning, August 4th on the morning show.
MIX 108 Dance-Off Preview
In the last year, you've probably been introduced to MIX 108's animals, Horse Man and Captain Red Bear. Both of them have done dance videos for our website, and now Horse Man is challenging Captain Red Bear to a dance-off. Jeanne and I will be sharing the debut of their dance-off video on …

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