Medical Marijuana Supporters Slam Gov. Mark Dayton in New TV Ad [VIDEO]
The medical marijuana debate is in full swing in the state of Minnesota as legislation to legalize the drug for medical use is near passage, and could hit Governor Dayton's desk this year, but he had said some things recently that supporters of medical marijuana didn't like, and they are taking to the airwaves to let him know.
After Fourth Marijuana Arrest, Man Gets Life in Prison
Getting caught green-handed with marijuana is never a good thing, but when it's your fourth arrest on the same charge, it's a very, very bad thing. Cornell Hood II learned that truth the hard way after a jury in Louisiana sentenced the repeat offender to life in prison.
Growing Marijuana Indoors Accounts for One Percent of U.S. Electricity Use
The quasi-legalization of marijuana has produced quite an unintended side effect: Now one percent of all electricity used in the United States is spent on growing cannabis indoors. Analysis from Evan Mills at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory also found that in California, where marijuana can be grown legally for medicinal purposes, the state's 400,000 authorized growers consume an amazing