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Facebook Launches Video Calls, Powered by Skype
Facebook finally settled the rumors on Wednesday. Through a partnership with Skype, Facebook is rolling out integrated video calling to the public beginning immediately.
The new integrated feature will not require the separate Skype client, but instead, just a touted "under 30 second wait&am…
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Vows to Only Eat Meat He Kills
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is known for setting random personal challenges for himself and successfully completing them. Last year, for example, he pledged to master Mandarine Chinese.
This year, the 27-year-old CEO has one-upped himself by vowing to only consume meat in which he's killed …
Mark Zuckerberg Meets Jesse Eisenberg on SNL
Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, the subject of the 2010 hit movie "The Social Network", made an appearance on SNL next to the actor who played him in the movie, Jesse Eisenberg.
When your the youngest billionaire in the world it's easy to have a sense of humor, Mark is a good…