Mayor Don Ness

Why is Mayor Ness so Popular?
At last check Duluth Mayor Don Ness enjoyed an 86% approval rating among the citizens he was elected by, and that is pretty remarkable given the current state of politics in America. Why is he so popular? These 5 GIFs might help shed some light on the subject.
Bentleyville Staying in Duluth
Duluth Mayor Don Ness announced today that Bentleyville will return again next year.  Over the past few days rumors were swirling around about the possibility that founder of Bentleyville, Nathan Bentley, would end it's contract with the city...
Mayor Ness to Declare Holiday
For the first time ever, Disney on Ice is coming to the City of Duluth. To commemorate the inaugural visit, Mickey Mouse will pay a visit to City Hall at 1 p.m. on Thursday. There, Duluth Mayor Don Ness is proclaiming November 29, 2012 as “Disney on Ice Day” in Duluth. It…