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Watch Sean Spicer’s Surprise Emmy Cameo Spoofing Melissa McCarthy’s Spoof of Him
Melissa McCarthy won an Emmy this year for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series, and she couldn’t have done it without a major assist from Sean Spicer, the former White House Press Secretary for President Donald Trump. McCarthy spoofed Spicer and his bizarrely confrontational press briefings on last season of Saturday Night Live. McCarthy’s Spicer was an inferno of rage, insults, and rolling podiums. It was an incredible performance; by far, the biggest downside of Spicer’s resignation in July was the fact that McCarthy wouldn’t get to play ol’ Spicey more on this fall’s season of SNL.
Maya Rudolph Joins Melissa McCarthy’s Puppet Buddy Cop Comedy ‘The Happytime Murders’
The Happytime Murders is an R-rated comedic murder mystery that imagines a Los Angeles where humans and Henson-like puppets somehow coexist. It’s been in the works since 2008, with a number of people joining and then leaving as the project foundered. A year ago, Jamie Foxx was attached to star, but he left the project. Now, Melissa McCarthy is leading the project, and her Bridesmaids co-star Maya Rudolph joined up this week to help solve crime.
Dan Aykroyd Slams Paul Feig, Says Costly Reshoots Killed ‘Ghostbusters’ Sequels
Last year’s Ghostbusters reboot was supposed to be the start of an entire new franchise (or perhaps even a universe of franchises) around the venerable ’80s horror comedy. Sony Pictures, which owns the rights to bust ghosts on the big screen, even created this new production company, Ghost Corps, to lead the charge on all these various efforts. There was talk of an all-male Ghostbusters to accompany the all-female team we got from director Paul Feig. And a new cartoon series was put into development as well. But since the movie opened to just so-so reviews and box office last year, developments on this front have been as quiet as Spook Central after a total protonic reversal.

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