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‘23 Jump Street’ Will Also Be a ‘Men in Black’ Reboot. Huh?
‘23 Jump Street’ is a sequel that is surely happening, this despite all the many hilarious sequel jokes during the ‘22 Jump Street’ end credits. The franchise is just too popular to let die. But, how exactly would you sequelize ‘22 Jump Street’, which did a pretty effective job of sending up sequel cliches? Well, you send Jenko and Schmidt to the Men in Black program, of course.
Men In Black 3 Trailer Hits the Internet [VIDEO]
Will Smith fans of the world rejoice! Smith will be reprising his role in the Men in Black movie franchise in a new movie set to come out this spring - and we snagged the trailer for you! I have to say, the trailer definitely got me interested in learning more...
Will Smith Forced to Move Giant-Sized Trailer
Though he's beloved by millions of moviegoers, Will Smith ticked off a number of Manhattan residents this week by parking his 1,150-square-foot, double-decker trailer right on the street. According to the NY Post, SoHo residents and business owners were annoyed that the trailer, which costs $9,000 to rent each week and contains, among other things, marble floors and a 100-inch movie screen, was ta