Mike Tyson

This Has to Be the Worst Fight Scene of 2018
You hear the names “Mike Tyson” and “Steven Seagal” and it is easy to envision the two squaring off in a killer fight scene. The greatest boxer of his generation versus the man who brought aikido to Hollywood? That is a classic confrontation...
Justin Bieber Learns to Box With Mike Tyson
Boxing is no joke for wanted man Justin Bieber. The singer, who appeared in a battered, boxing-themed spread for his Complex cover, who escorted Floyd Mayweather into the ring a few weeks ago and who reportedly got into a scuffle with a photographer who got too close this weekend, recently learned to box with the legendary Mike Tyson.
Brazilian Ad Features Megan Fox and Mike Tyson [VIDEO]
Wow.  Thankfully I speak English.  It may come in handy some day if I ever end up on "Mike Tyson Island." Check out this commercial Megan Fox and Mike Tyson star in for a language school that illustrates the importance of being able to communicate in English...