Michael Jacksons Moonwalk Turns 30 this Year! [VIDEO]
I remember it like it was yesterday, sitting on the floor glued to the T.V. waiting to see my Idol Michael Jackson perform live on stage at The Motown 25th Year Anniversary Special in 1983. Little did I know 30 years ago, that I was about to see History in the making.
10 Hilariously Painful Moonwalk Fails
When it comes to gettin' down on the dance floor, there are a few moves that have stood the test of time. Maybe you like a classic jig, or perhaps the percolator is more your style. But there is, however, one dance that gets people of all ages boogieing: the Moonwalk.
Romanian Lawmaker Moonwalks for Political Attention
In politics, vying for attention can be a difficult feat, what with all the scandalous love affairs, dishonest financial antics and hot-button social issues.
But it appears that Romanian lawmaker Edmond Talmacean may have found a way to catch the public's eye.
His method? Dancing.