Ebola Pranks Causing a Stir
While cases of Ebola in the United States can be counted on one hand, there's a palpable fear of the deadly virus around the country. Even though the virus isn't easily transmitted, it is certainly a grim bug that is definitely worth being at least a little worried about. Groups of tasteless jokesters are taking advantage of this fear and using it to stir things up in cities around the country. Re
10 Biggest Stories of 2013
Here we are, days away from saying goodbye to 2013. It's been an interesting year, with lots of memorable stories we've all shared. Some of these stories are sad and some are happy, while others are just plain goofy.
Tomorrow (April 4th) Is “Hug a Newsman Day”
I will forgo being too PC for this awesome holiday. It should probably be "Hug a News Anchor" or "Hug a Newsman/Newswoman Day." Hug a Newsman Day is celebrated every April 4th.  The "holiday" gives you the opportunity to give a great, big hug to your local newsperson...
Woman Tries to Hide From News Camera, Fails Spectacularly
If you happen to be a newscaster who isn’t so sure of the material you’re supposed to read, one way of limiting mistakes is concentrating very hard on the Teleprompter. Kara Manelli of WUFT in Gainesville, Florida displays this technique to a T as she finishes a story about a student housing lottery. She’s concentrating so hard, she doesn’t notice the woman behind her awkwardly trying to hide from

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