nick cooper

Cooper + Jeanne's Sweaters
MIX 108 is excited to host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Bash on December 13, but it turns out Cooper and Jeanne don't have ugly sweaters to wear to the party. They need your help picking some out to wear!
BBQ Heat 'HeatWave' Doritos Review
Doritos officially launched their new 'HeatWave' line of Doritos at a special event at Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth. After the event, we were able to get our hands on the BBQ Heat varieity to try out.
Sampling 'Dew.S.A.'
Mountain Dew is getting ready for summer and has released their newest Dew with an American punch. DEW.S.A is united with three other Dew flavors: Code Red, White Out, and Voltage.

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