Nopeming Sanitorium

Nopeming Paranormal Classes
Many people are fascinated by the Nopeming Sanatorium in Duluth which has been closed for many years. Now is your chance to not only go on the premises, but hear from professional paranormal Investigators what has been found at the facility.
Inside Nopeming
Nopeming Sanatorium has long held a place in the curiosity of many in the Duluth area. The building, which was built in 1912 as a tuberculosis care center, has succumb to age, Mother Nature, and vandals sneaking onto the property.
Nopeming Tours This Weekend
Just in time for Halloween weekend, the owners of Nopeming Sanatorium in Duluth have announced a series of tours to satisfy the creepy curiosity of the public and help in the restoration of the facility.
'Ghost Adventures' in Duluth
'Ghost Adventures' becomes the first paranormal team to  investigate Duluth's own Nopeming Sanitarium. The episode airs this Saturday, 1/24/15 at 8pm on The Travel Channel.