When, Where Is Crime Most Prevalent in Duluth / Superior Area?
Whether you're considering moving into a new neighborhood or you just want to be aware of what's going on in your community, crime data can help keep you and your family safe. An interactive map created by LexisNexis strives to give give the public the tools to be informed about what is ha…
What Does 'Hoghead' Mean? Proctor's Festival Name Explained
The Hoghead Festival, or just "Hoghead" for folks in Proctor, is an annual tradition. The weeklong festival features a wide variety of community festivities that range from parades to street dances, food events to golf outings, and much more. While lifelong Proctorites know what Hoghead is…
Proctor Rails Vs Carlton Bulldogs
The final game of the first round has the Proctor Rails facing the Carlton Bulldogs. Which school will move on to be that much closer on being crowned the best team name in the area.
How the City of Proctor Got It’s Name
Did you know that Proctor actually got it's name from a U.S. Representative from Kentucky?
James Proctor Knott was not only from Kentucky, a U.S. Representative from Kentucky, but he served as the 29th Governor of Kentucky from 1883 to 1887.
So how does a northern Minnesota town get named after a…