5 Fun Ways to Reuse Your Halloween Pumpkin
You may have noticed a pumpkin or two around the neighborhood lately. Okay, maybe more than two. They're everywhere. This means you’ve probably fallen victim to at least a little bit of the hype and purchased some Halloween pumpkins. But what do you do with them in just a f…
College Student Faces Trial for Stealing $2 Pumpkin
Theft charges serious enough to warrant a jury trial typically involve stolen goods that are pretty expensive (just ask Lindsay Lohan about that).
But you don’t have to steal high-dollar stuff to get in that kind of trouble — in fact, a New Mexico college student is about to go …
Tips to Help Your Pumpkin Last Longer
Are you on the fence about carving your jack-o-lantern this early because you're afraid it will rot or dry out by Halloween?
Well, here are the tips I talked about this morning on how to make your pumpkin last longer.
DISINFECT IT - Wipe it with a solution of 1 cup chlorine bleach to 2 quarts wat…