Check Out Highlights From Puppy Bowl IX
In case you forgot, a little something called the Super Bowl went down yesterday. Alicia Keys rocked the National Anthem, Beyonce was as fierce as they come and the commercials were awesome. There's also one very underrated part of Super Bowl Sunday that often goes unnoticed-- the Puppy Bowl!
High Speed Puppy Chase on Busy Freeway [VIDEO]
Anyone that has ever had a puppy/dog play the run away from you game, you know the one where just before you grab them they take off in the opposite direction avoiding capture, knows the anguish of trying to catch that ball of fur. This game usually happens in a neighborhood or park, not on a busy f…
Corgi Puppy Tries to Sleep Through the Hiccups [VIDEO]
It’s hard to be a puppy. All that cuteness and people always cooing “awwww!” at you and having little puppy paws that make many folks just want to eat you up.
Sometimes you simply have to take a nap to escape it all. So you cuddle into a warm lap, and what happens? You get the hiccups. And then your …