Yo, Angela! Tony Danza Raps About Brooklyn
It's hard to imagine this video being any more Brooklyn, unless Tony Danza were to spin two plates with slices of pizza on them and be riding the Cyclone while he did this rap that is really just more of a rhyming list of famous people from Brooklyn...
Rapper Passes New Song On One Fan At A Time
No matter how you look at it, digital file sharing has changed the way we listen to music. When a record transforms into a stream of ones and zeroes, it can be blasted across the globe in the blink of an eye, but something special is lost in translation.
Dad “Raps” to Fetal Monitor in Delivery Room [VIDEO]
Some dads have a different way of showing their support for their baby mommas.   Some practice breathing techniques, others give massages, and a few have passed out.  This dad decided the fetal monitor had such a sick beat, he'd do a little free-styling while she was in labor...
Hula Hoop Rap
You gotta love a grown man teaching you how to Hula Hoop and rapping about it at the same time. Even as a kid I could not Hula Hoop. Your assignment  Northland is to follow this video and learn how to Hula Hoop again! :)

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