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Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken Addresses Creepy Clown Threats
In the last few weeks, stories of people posing as menacing clowns and threats from clowns have run rampant online, including a recent vague threat to a series of cities in the Twin Cities area. Because of this, many people have been contacting the Duluth Police worried about our area. Chief Mike Tu…
Open Letter To The Creepy Clowns
I love Halloween and almost everything about it. But sometimes people take Halloween pranks a little to far, especially the creepy clowns that have been showing up nationwide.
You Should Avoid Wearing a Scary Clown Costume this Year
We have all heard the stories circulating over the last year or so of sightings of an adult walking around neighborhoods and city streets in a scary clown costume, causing fear for many residents. So, could this Halloween make people more on edge seeing someone dressed like this?