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The #HideTheBodyChallenge is a Thing – Are We That Bored as a Society?
While death and taxes are the only two guarantees in life, it seems the only guarantees on social media are hoaxy, fake news and an endless supply of new "challenges". Some of these challenges have been for a good cause, like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Others have been for laughs, like the Cheesiest Challenge. The latest of these challenges is definitely trying for laughs in a dark sort o
Ebola Pranks Causing a Stir
While cases of Ebola in the United States can be counted on one hand, there's a palpable fear of the deadly virus around the country. Even though the virus isn't easily transmitted, it is certainly a grim bug that is definitely worth being at least a little worried about. Groups of tasteless jokesters are taking advantage of this fear and using it to stir things up in cities around the country. Re

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