stupid criminals

2012’s Dumbest Criminals Are Painfully Dumb
It turns out to make it onto a list of the dumbest criminals, you have to actually be pretty dumb. Granted, we can't all be masterminds, but it probably doesn't take much to know you shouldn't make a YouTube video boasting about the bank you just robbed. Or tweet about punching a guy in the face. Nor should you get into a fist fight over a piece of birthday cake.
Man Proposes to Girlfriend After Botched Robbery
Having common interests is one of the keys to a long successful marriage. Sean Foxx and Trelia Woods both share an interest in crime, so perhaps that’s what encouraged Foxx to propose to his sweetie right after the two of them were nabbed by police for trying to rob a dollar store in San Antonio, Texas.
Shirtless Man Caught Wielding Samurai Sword Evokes ‘Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs’ Defense
After abandoning his car in the middle of a busy interstate, Cicero, Indiana man Bryon Womack stripped down to his shorts and shoes began marching along the side of the highway while swinging a 35-inch samurai sword ”up and down in rhythm with his marching cadence.” Well, it didn’t take long for the police to get involved, and after a brief struggle in which Womack tried to jump in another vehicle

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