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Epic MIX 108 Animal Dance-Off
As promised, a showdown between MIX 108 creatures Horse Man and Captain Red Bear has taken place. Watch the video, and vote for your favorite! Polls will be open until Sunday night (August 3) at midnight. We will announce a winner on Monday morning, August 4th on the morning show.
MIX 108 Dance-Off Preview
In the last year, you've probably been introduced to MIX 108's animals, Horse Man and Captain Red Bear. Both of them have done dance videos for our website, and now Horse Man is challenging Captain Red Bear to a dance-off. Jeanne and I will be sharing the debut of their dance-off video on …
A New Survey Finds Many Adults Still Sleep with Teddy Bears
A new Travelodge survey found that 35 percent of adults in the UK sleep with a teddy bear to help de-stress and sleep at night.
Twenty-five percent of men said they take their teddy bear with them when they're away on business. Many said the bear reminds them of home and a cuddle helps them fall…