The Top 15 Toys for the Upcoming Holiday Season: The New Wii, One Direction Dolls and … Furby Again?
We know, we know—it's only September. When it comes to toys, though, it's never too early to start thinking about the holiday season, especially for retailers. It is big business. Huge business. The buying frenzy of the holidays can comprise 40 percent of the total annual profit for a toy store. With this in mind, Toys R Us has released their 2012 Holiday Hot Toy List to get a head start on the ho
5 Sweet Things That I Collected as a Kid Growing up in the 80’s
I was reading this blog by a colleague of mine about those awesome fast food "collectible" glasses that were given away in the 80's, this was big at McDonald's for instance, and it spawned a flurry of memories of all the things I collected in the 80's from these glasses to other things you'd only collect in the coolest decade in history! ...
Shark Attack! Check Out The New Radio Controlled Flying Shark [VIDEO]
I love strange, one of a kind products that are an absolute waste of money, and this fits that description perfectly.  Introducing the new 'Air Swimmers' radio controlled shark and fish, they are basically big inflatable Mylar balloons that use the tail to propel them forward and a weight on the bottom that controls the up/down movement.  Check them out in action after the jump.