Superior Police Warn of Possible Scam for Local Verizon Customers
The Superior Police Department is warning citizens and businesses, especially ones who use Verizon.  The scam involves very well crafted phishing emails that are trying to get your personal information or download malicious software on to your PC. You can read the full warning and tips on how t…
Why I Love My Xoom! A Review Of The Motorola Xoom.
Have you seen this thing yet?  Verizon Wireless has come out with their very own tablet to rival the Pear Pad.  (Sorry, I have kids.  That's an iCarly reference in case you didn't catch it.)  It's everything I want my phone to do...but bigger and MORE!  It&apo…
iPhone Coming To Verizon
So after over a year of speculation the iPhone is finally coming to Verizon. For the most part the phone will act ad look the same. And our friends at Gizmodo are here to answers all of your questions like,