What do you get when you combine Taylor Swift and LL Cool J? A wonderfully surprising comedic duo! Swift and LL recently teamed up for a series of hilarious Grammy promos — Swift is nominated for three awards and is scheduled to perform, while LL will host the show. In the clips, the country cutie and old-school rap star trade back-handed comments at one another.

Standing in front of a huge golden Grammy statue, Taylor, dressed in a little black cocktail dress, and Mr. Cool J, clad in an all-black suit, let the insults fly in the promo clips. In one of the videos entitled ‘The Host,’ Swift shows off her acting chops by taking a jab at LL over his Grammy hosting duties (he is the first host in nearly a decade). After the ‘Mean’ singer asks, “There’s a host?” she can only reply “Awkward” when LL explains that he is the host.

In our favorite clip from the trio of promos, LL has Swift on statue shining duty. With a rag in hand, Swift does her best to buff the statue to pristine form, however, LL is not satisfied with her job. After she continues to mess up his instructions to “Get that spot right there,” LL makes her hand over the shammy cloth and does it himself. Their chemistry is perfect in this clip, as Swift feigns annoyance and leaves LL to it.

Check out the funny Grammy promo clips featuring Taylor Swift and be sure to stay tuned with PopCrush on Feb. 12 for complete live coverage of the award show.

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