Thirteen year old Cole Fitzgerald is a die hard Eagles fan, and thanks to a very generous man from Minnesota, he is going to cheer on his favorite team at Super Bowl LII.

According to WCCO the anonymous ticket holder is from Eden Prairie and heard about Cole's story knowing he had to give him his tickets. Cole was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the age of 3 and because of his underdeveloped bone structure he was never able to play football himself, but does manage his Junior Varsity team.

The die hard Vikings fan knew that he had to give Cole his tickets and they were delivered to him in person by an organization called "Spare Key" that helps families in crisis with ill children. His flight and hotel were also donated so that his family is able to make the trip without any financial worries.

Yes it sure is cold in Minnesota this time of year, but this story will warm the hearts of the biggest cynics around, this is Minnesota Nice in it's truest form.

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