If you have a fur baby that is big or small sometimes dogs can get into things that can make them really sick, these are not types of food so check around the house to be safe.

We have 2 dogs that are both small, but our chihuahua is the one that is notorious for getting into things. I am still pretty convinced that she ate a part of Santa's leg off one our ornaments from a few years ago. Plus, she single handedly destroyed everyone of our other dogs stuffed toys. She would gnaw on them so hard that she would pop holes in them and pull all the stuffing out. Thankfully she did not eat the stuffing, but it makes a mess and then no toys. So we are super careful about anything dropping on the floor and give her lot's of chew sticks.

As I said this list is of ordinary things around the house, not types of food, I have a few of the items listed below.

1.) Rubber Hair Bands: We have these all over our house, our cats love to play with them, but these are a danger to them as well, if they break apart and they decide to eat them this could cause big problems in their digestive track. Keep track of these and keep them out of reach for your pets.

2.) Mulch: which we have all over our front yard, thankfully neither of the dogs paid to much attention to it. They initially had quite a curiosity about it but just sniffed and moved on which is good because some mulch contains chocolate which can be deadly for dogs.

3.) Tampons: Dogs are naturally attracted to the smell of blood, so be careful when you dispose of used tampons. If swallowed hopefully your dog will throw it up, either way it is a gross mess If they do get at it and If swallowed could expand in their stomach and mess with their digestive track.

4.) Jewelry: If your dog digests this chances are they will need surgery to remove it. For dog owners who have a pet with separation anxiety you may want to kennel them up when you are gone to keep them safe from getting into things.

5.) Used Q-Tips: Apparently ear wax is delicious to dogs and If they have the chance they may eat your used ones. Make sure to dispose of them properly, which is something I am very conscious of because I obsessively clean my ears every day and I think that they are gross, so I throw them out immediately.

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