The iconic Aerial Lift Bridge will be getting the deck replaced starting on January 25th, 2018. The project is set to be complete the first week of March.

The City of Duluth has teamed with Redstone Construction on this project. Fun fact, the deck was last replaced in the 1950's. Naturally the bridge's deck has suffered wear and tear over the years.

In this project, they will be replacing 25 feet of the Bridge deck at both ends and will cost about $296,000. During this time, only one driving lane on the Bridge will be open and the sidewalk that passes under the Bridge will be closed to pedestrians . There will be signal controls directing incoming and outgoing vehicle traffic from Park Point.

The Aerial Lift Bridge will also not be raised for marine traffic during this project period. Perfect timing as the shipping season came to a close last week. So take extra time when traveling to Canal Park and Park Point.

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