The-Dream is not just any other artist. The R&B King’s successful production and songwriting efforts could build an army to run the Top 40 charts. Now, he is putting the finishing touches on his fourth studio album, ‘Love IV,’ ready to hit shelves around Memorial weekend.

So far, the falsetto crooner has released ‘ROC‘ on iTunes, and shared the Casha-assisted track ‘Kill the Lights‘ with his fans. But when the topic of more singles is brought up, The-Dream, simply responds, “I don’t believe in that — like the whole numbers thing, and what it does, because people get the wrong idea [of what an album's about].”

He continues, “There’s certain people that want to stumble onto music, and just love it for music, [but] it’s covered by politics and … what number did it go on? Did you miss the point?”

Then he throws praises towards the one girl that’s been rocking the top of the Billboard 200 charts as of late with her sophomore release ’21,’ Ms. Adele. ”It’s great that Adele has achieved what she has achieved because it never was about the numbers in the first place.” Right on! We have to agree with The-Dream here.

He adds, “Now when it’s time to release stuff, if I don’t do it in the time that you’re telling me to do it, I just wait. That way there’s no expectancy, of anything. It’s just, you’re listening to music. And once we can get to that part again, then we’ll probably start selling albums.”

Aside from keeping the value of albums as a whole alive, Adele and The-Dream also draw inspiration from the same source: The turmoils of love. ”You’ve got [the mixtape] ’1977′ mixed in with the love saga, so now it’s just one big ol’ bundled up, messed up relationship-ness,” he says when describing his album ‘Love IV.’ “Now it’s all bad. It’s romance, travesty … beautiful, dark, mysterious, love.”

We can’t wait to hear the rest of it!

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