I am far from a gamer, in fact I am pretty much the worst in the world. So, If I get an itch to play pretty much my only option for any type of success is Pac-man, but I was faced with the fact of do they even exist anymore? Thankfully the answer is yes!

I am pretty confident that more places then I have listed also have Pac- man or Ms Pac-man, but these were the suggestions we received on the Mix 108 Facebook page. All the places listed below were double checked to make sure that they do indeed have a Pac-man Game!

* Stay tuned for an Epic Pac-man Showdown between Ian and myself coming next week!


  • 1

    Anchor Bar

    If you are a burger fan then this is the place to go. Seen on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives this little slice of heaven will keep you coming back for more.

    413 Tower Avenue Superior Wi

    (715) 394-9747


  • 2

    Derailed Bar and Grill

    Great place to hang out with friends and family, super nice staff, great food and always tons of specials. Plus live bands, karaoke and other fun stuff.

    501 3rd Ave
    Proctor, MN  (218) 628-7181


  • 3

    Tappa Kegga Inn

    "Combining a diverse Italian/American menu and a wide selection of beer and wine, the Tappa Keg offers a little something for everyone." Plus they serve breakfast too and occasionally have Live Music

    7036 Grand Avenue  Duluth
    (218) 624-9881
  • 4

    The Reef

    A Duluth staple for so many people, great Happy Hour, watch sports, listen to live music, play trivia. The Reef has it all plus, free popcorn.

    2002 London Rd
    Duluth, MN

    (218) 724-9845


  • 5

    Spirit Valley Laundromat

    This laundromat has quite the charm with some of the washing machines even having name tags on them.

    232 N Central Ave, Duluth

  • 6

    Hugos Pizza II

    This cozy little restaurant out in Gary has awesome food and a lot of charm as well. They are best known for the giant subs and cheese fries.

    1313 Commonwealth Avenue

    Gary/New Duluth

    (218) 626-3632


  • 7

    Maytag Laundry

    A newer laundromat in the area right in the heart of 4th street. Get you clothes sparkly clean with free WiFi and parking right out front.

    820 East 4th St
    Duluth, MN 55805

  • 8

    Miller Hill Mall

    After a long day of shopping make sure to check out their Extra Large Pac-man game near The Dress Barn.


    HWY 53 and Trinity Road, Duluth

    (218) 733-9101

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