The biggest mall in the nation will stay closed on Thanksgiving allowing 15,000 employees a day off to enjoy the Holiday and for the 1,200 direct Mall of America employees they will receive holiday pay for working on Black Friday.

According to the Star Tribune Jill Renslow who is the Senior V.P. of Marketing for the Mall of America, she said how it is really important to them to reward their team members. This is one way of showing how much they value their hard work and hope this helps retain employees in a tight labor market.

Renslow went on to say that they got a lot of positive feedback from stores and customers as well with being closed on Thanksgiving last year, and that many retailers reported the biggest Black Friday sales they had ever seen.

Most other Twin Cities Malls will remain open on Thanksgiving, but the Mall of America sticks by their decision, and maybe eventually other retailers will begin to follow suit in the future.

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