The DNR is saying the recent heavy rains that bypassed the Arrowhead region of the state have left the area extremely dry and there is a high risk of fire this weekend with the warm dry weather we are expecting and the expanded use of fireworks for the holiday.

"Expanding drought conditions have dried grasses, shrubs, and trees in the area, resulting in increased fire danger,” said Aaron Mielke, Forestry Division assistant area supervisor in Grand Marais in a press release. “Please, be extra cautious with personal fireworks and campfires as you celebrate this holiday.”

According to the DNR, there have already been 40 wildfires this year that have been directly caused by campfires and fireworks, SO BE CAREFUL!!

Here are some tips from the DNR about avoiding starting a wildfire:

  • When enjoying a campfire or lighting personal fireworks, keep a hose or water nearby.
  • Remember, fireworks are not allowed in state forests, state parks, or any other state lands.
  • After a campfire, drown-stir-repeat until it is out cold.
  • If a campfire is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave.

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