The ALEIA Project came to fruition when 3 moms who all live near Duluth used their combined experiences with food allergies to help with their lifestyles. Together among 5 of their 8 children, they have more than 10 types of food they have to avoid. ALEIA stands for Ales, Lorelei, Everett, Ian, and Ava the names of their children who have food allergies.

Before The ALEIA Project was established the women did hold walks in 2018 and 2019. " The walk was created in direct response to educate, empower and support those impacted by food allergy within the community, raise awareness about food allergy and to raise funds for medical research."  The purpose of forming this project was to raise funds to be used here in the Northland.

The purpose of the ALEIA project is to help children and adults with food allergies to experience life without limits. To be able to be out in the community and be able to attend parties and social events safely with others. Also to teach people to never be afraid of food.  The project wants people to have the resources to move forward when they are newly diagnosed and to be able to view the positive sides of food allergies and to live without fear. "The goal is to educate the community to UNDERSTAND and work alongside others with food allergies."

So round up your friends and family for the walk on May 28 at 10 am on the Lakewalk – at Endion Station, 200 Lake Place in Duluth.  Free will donations and same-day registration will be accepted. Having food allergies can be tough and it is so important to create awareness in our community and help support those that have to live with this on a daily basis.

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