Even though recent polls have shown that Americans aren't very interested in the royal wedding, research shows that American media is publishing twice as many stories about the wedding than Britain or Australia.

The research also looked at social media, like message boards and Facebook. It showed that Prince William has more buzz than Kate Middleton.

Skeptics say the media outlets may be overestimating America's interest in the wedding. According to a poll, only 6% of Americans are watching coverage on the royal wedding "closely," while 22% are following "somewhat closely."

All three major morning network morning shows from ABC, CBS, and NBC have sent anchors to England to cover the wedding.

I think that the US media may be over-covering the wedding, but at least it's positive news.  Prince William and Kate Middleton aren't in rehab, caught in a sex-tape scandal, stealing necklaces, or shouting "Winning, Duh!" to anyone who will listen.

So, do you care about the Royal Wedding?  Do you think Mix 108 should follow the trend and do more Royal Wedding coverage?