I feel like a kid before Christmas!  The official countdown to the 4th of 5 Twilight Saga movies will be in theatres in 3 days and 12 hours!

You probably wonder why I'm getting so excited about a movie, since I'm such a level-headed and rational person.  Let me explain my obsession interest in the Twilight books, movies, etc.

A few years ago, many friends and co-workers (knowing that I am an avid reader) suggested I read the "Twilight" books.  I didn't have any real interest, because I'm more of a mystery/psychological suspense genre reader.  I was pressured for MONTHS, but stood my ground.  I just wasn't into vampires and werewolves.  The closest thing to a fantasy-genre book I'd read was "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."  When I was 7.

Fast forward a few months, and two of my best friends, Emily and Jenny, were gushing about the books like they were 15 again.  Including the giggles when the Seventeen magazine with Robert Pattinson on the cover was busted out.  You see, these aren't just any friends.  These are 2 of my 3 best friends.  So when they gushed, and my other best friend, Carli, and I sat and listened to them go on, and on, and on about the books, I knew I had to read them.  And so did Carli.

It didn't take me long.  I read "Twilight" in two days.  Then I went out and bought the movie, and the other three books.  "New Moon," "Eclipse," and "Breaking Dawn" were also read in record time.

To this day I'm not even sure what the big draw is for me and Twilight.  But it's something that my three best friends and I can talk about, share the excitement, and plan vacations around.  (Yes, we drove to Forks, Washington last summer.)

Let's just compare it to how "Star Wars" fans, comic book fans, Beliebers, and gamers feel about their obsessions.  If no one else ever read the books, watched the movies, heard "Baby Baby" or played the games, they would lose their magic.  Maybe it's realizing that there is a common thread between so many different people from every walk of life can relate to.

Get ready folks, because in just a few short days there will be screaming teens, Twi-Moms, and everyone in between getting in line to see one of the most highly-anticipated movies in HISTORY!