The Wanted are almost more famous for their gossip about other pop stars than they are for their own songs -- which is a shame, because the boys can sing their cute behinds off. Thankfully, the band are wising up and apologizing for their prior transgressions ... just in time for their new album to drop!

Some backstory: The Wanted have previously said that Christina Aguilera is a "total b----," that they weren't allowed to look at Britney Spears the whole time they were on tour with her and well, you know their long, colorful history with One Direction.

"Our fans know us as being honest, so we give them an honest opinion," Siva Kaneswaran told Glamour U.K. (via DigitalSpy).

"Some things [we've said] in the past have been a bit too extreme, but as long as people take us - and excuse all the naughty things we say -- and focus on our music, I couldn't care," he added.

Kaneswaran explained, "The fans should know who their idols really are -- the positives and the negatives. To be glossy -- to be fake -- I don't think it's good for the fans, because they buy into the person. They should buy into the truth, a role model you can trust. I think at heart we're good people."

Atta boys!