The city of Duluth has chosen a new city flag through a contest asking citizens to submit a design, and the winner is Blane Tetrault. The new flag design will now be voted on Monday by the Duluth City Council.

Tetreault told WDIO he wanted to keep it simple but also incorporate some of the city's natural resources. He went on to say "There are three hills in the design, which represent Thompson Hill, Enger Hill, and Hawk Ridge. The colors represent the "clear blue of the sky, refreshing water of Lake Superior, deep green of the north woods, and snowy winters." The star is meant to symbolize the Zenith City of the north."

According to the city of Duluth 98 different artists submitted 195 different flag designs, a committee  narrowed it down to 9 finalists and then the public voted on their favorite. Congratulations Blane what a great accomplishment to know that you designed this flag which will symbolize the city for years to come.


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