There has been an "uptick" in vehicle prowls, according to the Proctor Police Department. They posted the message on their Facebook page on Thursday morning, and also offered tips to vehicle owners on what they can do to protect themselves from theft.

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When you leave your vehicle, obviously you should lock it. Beyond that, don't leave any valuables in plain sight. This includes items like purses, jewelry, electronics. I personally know of a vehicle that was broken into for even a pack of cigarettes. Any loose change or money also shouldn't be in plain sight. Ideally, you should remove them from the vehicle, but stowing them also brings a measure of deterrent. If the thief doesn't see anything valuable, they may just move on to the next vehicle.

That's also the same case with a locked door. Many times vehicle prowlers will just walk down a street and subtly check door handles until they find an open one. I'm still amazed at how many people do not lock their car doors.

Typically the holiday season is another time period where vehicle prowls increase, especially in mall parking lots and department stores. So in the coming months, don't get complacent and remember to keep those valuables out of sight. That includes gifts and presents too.

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