Living in a tourist town  people from all over the world flock here year round for the natural beauty, events, and activities, but plenty of really cool products are made here too. Here are just a few companies that have a national and sometimes worldwide customer base.

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    Loll Designs

    Loll designs is the brain child of Bloomington Minnesota natives Tony Ciardelli and brothers Dave and Greg Benson. They started a company called TruRide  a skate park design and construction company that built handmade skateboard park ramps all over the country. Needing more space they relocated to West Duluth in 1999. In 2006 the Loll design company was formed using skate side park material and the Loll Adirondack chair  was born, which now has grown to 150 products in 110 US locations. The company now primarily uses material from recycled and reclaimed plastic milk jugs. Not only are the designs incredibly cool and functional, but environmentally friendly too. For more information on Loll Designs Click Here

    Photo courtesy of Loll Designs
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    The Epicurean company is the sister company to Loll (see number #1 above) ,and since 2003 they have revolutionized the kitchenware market with dishwasher safe cutting boards made of wood and Eco Plastic cutting boards which are made from recycled milk cartons. They also make stylish food preparation tools and advanced kitchen storage solutions. Epicurean products are sold in more than 10,000 stores in more than 45 countries. For more information on Epicurean products Click Here

    Photo courtesy of Epicurean
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    Savanna Pallets

    Located in Mcgregor Minnesota with a satellite company in Cloquet, Savanna Pallets produces over 30,000 pallets a week in addition to numerous specialty crates, skids and other wood packaging components. They also have a sawmill and lumber processing lines on site. In business for over 40 years they we can offer 24-hour service to the Twin Cities and throughout the state. For more information on Savanna Pallets Click Here

    Photo courtesy of Savanna Pallets
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    Frost River

    I love the philosophy of Frost River deeply rooted in the history of our forefathers working and surviving in the Northwoods. The pride and care that is put into each bag is something you cannot compare, from the brass buckles to every stitch and seam or rivet, these bags   are built to last and pass down for generations. For your shopping pleasure Click Here

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