It's all over the news that bed bugs are a growing problem in Duluth, so I compiled a list that will hopefully help stop the threat. 


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    Inspect Everything

    The first step is to thoroughly check everything, especially when taking a trip. These pesky little things like to hide around the edges of box springs and seams in bedding. Pull back the sheets and look for tiny brown spots. Also, if you wake up with little red marks all over your legs and body, those are most likely bed bug bites.

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    Don't Bring Bed Bugs Home With You

    Trust me, you do not want these kinds of new roommates. If you ran into bed bugs because of staying at a hotel or maybe your kid home from college and there was a breakout in the dorms, unpack your suitcase or bag outside of the home. Immediately put the clothes in washer and dryer (make sure it's hot), the heat will kill the buggers. Then disinfect your suitcase or bag, whether it be Bed Bug Spray or Bed Bug Traps (make sure you do your research before selecting a product), store the suitcase for about two weeks and that should eliminate them by fumigation.

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    Call A Professional

    Hopefully the infestation isn't too bad but if it is, you should probably give the experts a call. Do not try to treat the infestation yourself because some over the counter pesticides cause more damage, plus a vacuum will not pick up all the eggs embedded in the mattress.

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    Minimize The Risk

    There are always options to further prevent infestation, but could a little costly. Buy encasements for your mattress and boxspring so the buggers can't borrow and reproduce. Mostly just stay as clean as possible and always inspect everything.

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    Stage A House Fire

    Obviously please don't light your house on fire. If there happens to be an infestation, just take a deep breathe and stay calm. You will get through this. Just follow these tips and don't panic! As long as you live a relatively clean life, you should be good to. Ugh, now I'm itchy after thinking about bed bugs.