According to the Duluth News Tribune The Strawberry Moon will be visible in our area around 9pm tonight if the skies remain clear. The reason it's called the strawberry moon is because of it's pinkish hue like an unripe strawberry, June is apparently strawberry season.

According to The Farmers Almanac ; "Full Moon names date back to Native Americans of North America. Tribes kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring full Moon. Full Moon names were applied to the entire month in which each occurred."

For best view of the full moon tonight, find a location with a clean view of the eastern horizon. The closer to the horizon you can catch the rising moon, the more things you’ll see. Of course for someone like me that struggles with East and West directions I hope I can figure it out and get the best view.

My absolute favorite view of the moon in this area is on I-35 North right before the 21st Avenue East exit as you see the occasional giant full moon lighting up Lake Superior. Of course if you are driving it is hard to be able to look at it for extended periods of time, but their is nothing better than seeing the moon reflecting on the lake.

If you are trying to capture a picture of the moon tonight or any night for that matter here  are a few tricks you need to know according to :

  • Find the moonrise and moonset times. If you use a compass to angle your camera, make sure to take into account magnetic declination.
  • The Full Moon is very bright, especially if it is a Supermoon. Other Moon phases may be simpler to shoot.
  • Scout your location.

And If you are using your cell phone to take pictures:

  • Compose your image. Make use of the scenery around you by including trees, buildings, or reflections.
  • Turn off the flash. The flash will disturb the natural light.
  • Use ambient light. Capture different light sources. For example, during the blue hour, light from buildings give a warm glow complementing the moonlight.
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