Any adult with an ounce of common sense knows that it is against the law to call 911 for a non emergencies especially something as trivial as a cold hamburger. But apparently a man in Blaine does not realize that, as he actually called the police from a Burger King to complain that his "Whopper" was cold.

According to Bring Me The News the Blaine Police Department actually had this incident posted on the police department blotter and was listed as a Civil Dispute that happened on 8/10/18  at a Burger King in Blaine.

No police action was taken for obvious reasons and one would hope that the 30 year old man who made the complaint got more than a tongue lashing from the officers. I am sure that some type of fine is in place for using 911 for a reason such as that. I know many people that did the fast food job route in the past and it is not easy keeping up with demand at times, but seriously just ask for a new burger from now on.

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